INVESTORS ALERT: Beach lot just listed. 495 Ocean Blvd. Golden Beach, Fl. 33160.

8:52 AM

Golden Beach, Fl. Yes. You can own a piece of land at the Beach in Miami. I heard the question for that answer so many times! Right now, available for sale, a great investment opportunity. This fantastic lot, with an old house on top and floorplans ready to build a new one, that can be either remodeled or demolished to make room for a new one, comes actually at a very affordable price: only $ 5,400,000.00. The price of many condos in the area.
The house on top of the lot has been closed for several years and is in bad shape. But the land is really prime.
Houses nearby on the same kind of lot sold above the $ 10M mark. So let's say you build on top a $ 2M home, you are still about $3M profit on it. How about that for a high end and high yield investment?
Life is short. Build your dream home on the beach now.
Please click here for more information on this fantastic property investment.

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